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If you have come to this site as an individual not in crisis – but seeking information on dual diagnosis treatment options, substance abuse treatment or drug rehab, or advice or help because you or someone close to you is suffering from an addiction or mental illness – or both – and seeking addiction recovery service requireing dual diagnosis treatment, then here is how we suggest you get the most from the DAPA© website.

DAPA psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment programs are not offered through a high-priced, celebrity facility, hanging off a cliff with an ocean view, costing upwards of a $1,000 a day. Rather, our dual diagnosis treatment programs are for people who want the best that can be offered for them and are eligible because they have Medicare A & B and meet the Medical Criteria for admission and treatment.

DAPA Substance Abuse Treatment

First, find TREATMENT PROGRAMS in the menu near the top of every page . Here you will find a dual diagnosis treatment option that DAPA©  substance abuse treatment and drug rehab programs provide, and that is best suited to your needs and will put you on your way to freedom from the prison of mental illness and substance abuse.

Then we suggest you visit the ABOUT section, which will give you a good sense of how the DAPA© Way of treating sufferers of substance abuse and mental illness has helped thousands of individuals lead happier, more productive lives as a result of DAPA© drug rehab and dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment programs.

You can reach our counselors in 2 ways: If you are in the Houston Area, call 713-783-8889. Or if you are like over half our drug rehab and dual diagnosis patients and come from outside the Houston or Texas area, call us at 1-800-828-3272.

DAPA Drug Rehab and Psychiatric Treatment


If this is an emergency and you are feeling especially desperate or hopeless, confused or know that you need help please call DAPA© immediately at 713-789-8889 or Nationwide, Toll Free at 1-800-828-3272, or email Jana Bethea at jbethea@dapaprograms.com or Jason Baron at jaybaron@swbell.net. Our counselors are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If for any reason you can not reach us, visit the emergency room of your local hospital or call 911 immediately.

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