About DAPA

Every day, for over 34 years, DAPA – Houston’s largest private mental health care provider – has been helping individuals whose lives and families have suffered from the pain of mental illness, the ravages of substance abuse and the overwhelming sense of helplessness the conditions can create.

Our continuing and growing success in helping thousands of these individuals is due to DAPA’s innovative, varied and effective treatment programs.  But just as important is DAPAs compassionate and highly experienced staff of counselors, therapists and psychiatrists – each of whom is committed to giving every person seeking help the respect, empathy, attention and dedication they deserve.

This adds up to what has become “The DAPA Way” – a set of proven programs, an involved staff and a caring attitude, making DAPA the right choice for people who truly want to improve their lives and their future.

This is not a mega-million dollar facility, hanging off a cliff with an ocean view, cost $1000 or more a day. It is rather a program for people who want the best that can be offered for them and are eligible because they have Medicare A & B and meet the Medical Criteria for admission and treatment.

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