Emergency Room

For many years, hospitals in the Houston area have called upon the professionals at DAPA© when an Emergency Room needs to have a patient placed in an inpatient or Partial Hospital Program (Day Hospital). Additionally, most of referrals come from other hospitals – both in Houston and around the country – following a relatively short inpatient stabilization period, but they realize that long-term aftercare is absolutely necessary for a lasting result. And this is one of the most significant aspects of the Partial Hospital/IOP Programs – the ability to treat people in a very intensive setting, for a long enough period of time to resolve their issues. They are allowed to stay in treatment providing they continue to meet medical criteria, are working on their issues and showing improvement and following the rules of the program (no drugs/alcohol, no violence or threats, no sexual or illegal acting out).

If you are referring from a hospital (medical/surgical or psychiatric), a medical clinic or an emergency room, you might want to learn more about us by visiting our “ABOUT”, “OUTREACH” and “TREATMENT PROGRAMS” sections on this website.

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