Friend or Family

If someone close to you is suffering from substance abuse or mental illness – or both, as is often the case – your coming to this site could prove to be an important step in finding the path to that person’s recovery.

Over the last 34 years, tens of thousands if individuals have come to DAPA© to find abstinence, a new sense of self-worth, spirituality, improved mental functioning, and perhaps their best hope ever of long-term recovery.

Today, DAPA© is the Houston area’s leading private healthcare provider specializing in treating substance abuse and mental illness.

We suggest you first view the section that tells you more ABOUT which will give you a good sense of how DAPA© and The DAPA Way of treating sufferers of addiction and mental illness have helped tens of thousands of individuals lead happier, more productive lives.

Next, visit the TREATMENT PROGRAMS section of the website, which details DAPA’s© unique treatment programs.  There is a good chance that one of DAPA’s© programs is very well suited to the needs of the person whose issues brought you here.

And, remember, our counselors are on call 24 hours a day to speak with you, at 713-783-8889 in the Houston area, or nationwide at 1-800-828-3272.

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