Healthcare Professional

Healthcare professionals in the Houston area and throughout the country have been referring their patients to DAPA© Programs almost since the first day we opened in 1981.

There are many reasons for this national attention. We are one of the few programs that offer truly long-term, inexpensive treatment programs for Dual Disorder patients. We are also focused on the Medicare patient who can often not find a truly significant program.

One of the greatest advantages of this program is that is it offers the best care available and is affordable for those who have Medicare A & B and meet the medical criteria for admission and treatment.

Our staff is dedicated, experienced and devoted to solving our patient’s problems of mental health problems and often of chemical dependency. We provide licensed and experienced Psychiatrists, Master level Social Workers and therapists, licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Outreach Workers, and Licensed Nurses.

We suggest you visit the “TREATMENT PROGRAMS” section to view the various treatment programs we offer.

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