Acute Inpatient Program (AIP)

The Acute Inpatient Program is designed for people who need a short-term in-hospital stay for crisis stabilization of their condition. The majority have a dual diagnosis – a mental illness and a substance abuse. This would include people who are severely depressed, often suicidal. Other people have had a deterioration of their previous mental functioning – this often occurs because of not taking one’s medications, failure of their current medication regimen, trauma, abuse, substance abuse or the return to drinking. With consent from the party, information about his/her condition is obtained from the referring source and/or family. Most common diagnoses in this program are Alcohol or Chemical Dependency, Major Depression with Suicidal thoughts, Bipolar Disorders, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophrenia, and PTSD. Chemical Imbalance stabilization is started here. DAPA opened our first dual disorder treatment program in 1985, making it one of the oldest programs in the country. We moved from being a substance abuse treatment center into an early originator in dual disorder, or dual diagnosis, treatment.

One does not need Medicare for the Acute Inpatient Program – it accepts almost all major insurances – the PHP / IOP is the only program we operate that requires Medicare A & B. So many Houstonians, and others, that need detoxification or psychiatric stabilization enter and complete this short-term inpatient program.

Upon admission a patient will undergo processing in the Intake Department, have a Nursing Assessment by a Psychiatric Nurse, receive a full Psychiatric Assessment by the DAPA Psychiatrist, and have a Psychosocial Assessment by a trained and certified therapist. The Psychiatrist will interview the patient daily during a Medication Check, alter medications as needed to assist the patient, and be involved in Discharge Planning. The Therapeutic Services team provides multiple group therapies daily for all patients, and also Individual Therapy as needed.

Although the Inpatient Program is short in number of days – ranging from 5-20 days, depending on condition, progress, and response, it is a vital initiation before they move on to PHP / IOP or elsewhere.

Many, if not the majority of people entering the PHP or IOP (Partial Hospital Program or Intensive Outpatient Program) come to us after a short stay in an Acute Inpatient Program – either ours described here, or one in another city throughout the country. A person must be stabilized enough to be able to functionally participate in our PHP or IOP. A patient that is suicidal or in detoxification is simply not yet stable enough for the PHP or IOP. In the PHP / IOP section the criteria for admission to those programs will be described.

This means they must be detoxified from any substances they have been abusing or misusing – including alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines or stimulants. Once they are medically stable enough they may qualify to enter the PHP / IOP, if they meet the psychiatric criteria and have Medicare A and B.

Acute Inpatient is where the patient gains the insight and understanding of their personal condition to often makes the life-changing decision to enter a much longer and more intense program such as PHP.

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